Top Choices If You Need Some Good Shoes for HIIT Workouts

What is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT training or “high intensity interval training is a type of workout that cycles between exercises where you go all out and exercises that aren’t as intense. These types of workouts are usually shorter and require much less equipment than what the average person uses with a workout most commonly performed at a standard gym. This is not to say that HIIT training is not done at regular gyms, it’s just that bodybuilding style regimens are more common. You are more likely to see this type of training at a Crossfit or Martial Arts gym.

What Makes a Good HIIT Shoe?

Shoes That Lend Themselves to Various Activities

When you are choosing a shoe for your training, you want to pick something that matches the type of exercises you are going to be doing. If you are running, you want a shoe meant for that. If you are training on a grass field or on a track, you will need shoes that are relevant to that type of activity. The thing about HIIT training is there are no limits to what type of activities you can perform. All that matters is that you are doing a mixture of high intensity and lower intensity exercises. This means you will need a shoe that can handle various types of exercises. If you choose a running shoe or a basketball shoe, you will be at a disadvantage when you aren’t performing movement specifically for those purposes. There are shoes that are made specifically for HIIT training and they are what you will want to use if you are serious about doing this type of training safely.

Shoes With Shock Absorption Technology

HIIT training can include exercises such as box jumps, burpees, and sprints. There will be times when you will need to jump and your feet will land firmly on the ground. You want your shoes to be able to minimize the shock to your joints. Thicker midsoles are often what you are looking for when you need something to protect your feet when doing explosive exercises.

Good Shoes for HIIT Workouts

Good Adidas Shoes for HIIT Workouts

One of the more popular brands for athletes is Adidas. They have some really good options for HIIT training as well as many other styles of training. 

Adidas FitBoost

Men's Training Shoe

The Adidas FitBoost Training Shoes are a great choice if you are looking for some good shoes for HIIT workouts. The material these shoes are made out of is really good and they last a long time before you ever start to see them break down. They aren’t the lightest shoe in the world but they are not heavy by any means.

This is a great shoe for doing compound style exercises as part of your HIIT workouts. If you are doing deadlifts, squats, or standing presses, these shoes do a great job. Findind a good shoe for deadlift or squat isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Since the type of workout we are judging these shoes for is going to be high intensity, the shoe needs to be able to handle side to side pressure. The shoe more than passes the test for lateral movement.

Padded Heel


Adidas CrazyFlight

Women's Training Shoe

Adidas CrazyFlight is often used as a Volleyball shoe but is a great for any type of activity. If you think about the types of movements required to play Volleyball you can understand why that would be the case. 

One of the most important things with regard to shoes when it comes to HIIT training is support. The shoe needs to be able to handle abrupt movements and absorb shock when your feet hit the ground. The Adidas CrazyFlight shoe is really good about not allowing your foot to slide around while you are making explosive movements. You are going to be pushing yourself pretty hard during the high intensity intervals so the shoe needs to be snug but not too tight. That is exactly what you get with this shoe. They look good and they keep your joints protected from wear and tear.

Cushioned Midsole


Good Shoes for HIIT Workouts

Good Nike Shoes for HIIT Workouts

Nike is one of the names in the athletic gear world. A lot of people wear their shoes and there are a lot of great options for HIIT training.

Nike Free TR8

Men' & Women's Training Shoe

A really good shoe for cross-training that is made by Nike is the Free TR8. This shoe is available to both men and women and it performs as good as it looks. There are several different colors you can get these shoes in but the main reason for getting them is for the benefits during HIIT training. The heel in this shoe is trong and helps absorb shock when you are doing squat jumps or any other sort of training that results in your feet hitting the ground. The heel is also cushioned so when you are doing lateral movements, your feet stay safe and secure, contained where they are supposed to be. What is amazing about this shoe is has the stability to protect your foot but also has the flexibility to allow for exercises that bend the shoe such as stair climbers, pushups, or calf raises. This just adds to the versatility of the shoe which is the key trait for HIIT training.

Dual Fusion Midsole

Good Traction

Cushioned Midsole


Good Shoes for HIIT Workouts

Good Under Armour Shoes for HIIT Workouts

Under Armour is one of the strongest brands in the athletic shoe and apparel space. They make some pretty good shoes for just about any activity you want to do including HIIT training.

Under Armour
Charged Engage

Men's Training Shoe

Under Armour’s Charged Engage Cross Trainer is an amazing jack-of-all-trades shoe. You can run, play basketball, tennis, lift weights, or do explosive and agility training with them. That being said, this does not mean you should buy these shoes for the basketball or tennis team. If you are playing sports on a competitive level you want to buy shoes specific to your needs.

If you play a few pickup games here or there or go to the tennis court every now and then, these shoes will work. You can wear them to the gym to lift weights or you can do an intense agility workout. They are perfect for HIIT training because you can do so many things without having to worry about the security of your feet. They look amazing and fit just l like they are supposed to. Overall, this is one of the best shoes you can get for any type of workout.



Under Armour
HOVR Apex 2

Women's Training Shoe

The UnderArmour HOVR Apex 2’s are one of the best shoes you can get if you incorporated any sort of agility or jump training into your HIIT training. Lateral jumps or Broad Jumps are going to have your feet running into the front and sides of your shoes regularly. These shoes have added cushion and do a good job of keeping your feet from sliding around in the shoe. This is one of the top things you look for if you want some good shoes for HIIT training.

Theses shoes do well with shock absorption and they are lightweight, both of which are good for jumping. Some of the exercises you will probably do will require to you jump or land hard, such as a burpee. If you are doing this sort of workout with any sort of speed, your shoe is going to bend slightly when you are in the down position. Being able to absorb the shock and maintain flexibility is crucial.

Cushioned Midsole


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