The Most Savage 30 Minute
Fat Burning Home Workout

Who Would Want a 30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout?

This savage 30 minute fat burning home workout is for someone who wants to get in a good workout but is crunched for time. If you are very busy with a tight schedule, getting to the gym can be tough. Drive time, can be up to 10-15 minutes both ways depending on where you live. Finishing a workout in 30 minutes at a gym also may not always be possible. 

If you attend a gym regularly, chances are you know people there who are going to want to talk to you. You may also have to deal with people hogging up equipment causing you to wait. Having a workout you can do at home could possibly cut your time in half while allowing you to stay focused on your training since you are at home by yourself.

Burning Fat at Home Can Be Done With or Without Equipment

You don’t have to have any equipment to get in a good workout at home. There are countless exercises you can do with just your body weight. There are advantages to having some equipment however because there are only so many exercises you will be able to perform. Some of the main exercises people do at home are pull ups, pushups, squats, and a few other movements that would be much better with a kettlebell, dumbbells, or something like a sandbag. If you are going to commit to working out at home, you can get some relatively inexpensive equipment that is very versatile. Depending on what you are comfortable using, you could buy some amazing equipment for a home gym for less than $500 that would allow you to do almost every exercise there is.

If you do decide to invest in some equipment for your gym, it would allow you to work muscles in areas that you can’t reach with bodyweight alone. You would also be able to do more exercises so you would be less likely to get bored. If you don’t have the budget or you just don’t want to buy any equipment, you can probably find something around the house like a tire or paint cans you can use as dumbbells.

30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Savage 30-Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

In order to get the full benefit of this fat burning workout, try to complete the recommended amount of reps while maintaining the given rest times. The more time you rest in between sets the longer the workout will take and the less intense the workout will be. If you are not able to complete all the reps with only 40 seconds of rest throughout this workout, it is ok. If you stick with it you will eventually be able to.

Exercise #1 - 5 Minutes


10 Reps or 60 Seconds

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Start in the squat position in an athletic stance with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Next, drop your hands to the floor between your feet while kicking your feet back and positioning yourself as if you are doing a pushup. Do one push up as you pull your feet back underneath you to jump back into the squat position. Finally, raise your hands above your hand and jump. Land back into the original squat position. You have now complete one rep.

30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Exercise #2 - 5 Minutes

Air Squat

30 Reps or 60 Seconds

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. As you start to squat, make sure you keep your chest up as your hips move slightly backward. Lower yourself to where your hips are below your knees while keeping your back straight. Stand back up and you have completed one squat.

30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Exercise #3 - 5 Minutes


20 Reps or 60 Seconds

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Grab onto a bar or something behind you with both hands. Ensure that whatever you are using will allow you to lower yourself far enough where your shoulders are lower than your elbows.  Once you have dipped down far enough that your shoulders are below your elbows, lift yourself up with your triceps and lock them out at the top of the rep.

Exercise #4 - 5 Minutes

Mountain Climbers

60 Seconds or Until Failure

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Start in the pushup position. To perform a rep, pull the knee of your choice up to your chest while you continue to hold yourself up with your arms locked out. Let your knee back down to its original position and repeat with the other leg. One rep is when both knees have come up to your chest and back down.

30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Exercise #5 - 5 Minutes


15 Reps Each Leg or 60 Seconds

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Start by standing up straight with your legs shoulder width apart. Step outward with one foot until your knee reaches a 90 degree angle. Once you are in this position, push with the same leg you stepped with to return to your original stance. Alternate lunging with each leg to perform this exercise.

30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Exercise #6 - 5 Minutes


60 Seconds or Until Failure

3 Sets - 40 Seconds Rest Between

Get into the pushup position except instead of being on your hands, you are on your elbows with your hands out in front of you. Keep your butt down and your back straight. Lock your elbows in for stability as you squeeze your core and your glutes. Hold this position to correctly do a plank.

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