The Best Power Rack Under 500 Dollars for a Home Gym

Why You Need a Power Rack at Home

If you are building a home gym and don’t intend to go to a commercial gym any longer, investing in quality equipment is a good idea. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank and buy a whole bunch of expensive items. The best way to build a home gym is to get the most versatile types of equipment that doesn’t limit what exercises you can do. A power rack makes it possible for you to do compound-style exercises which are great for building muscle or burning fat. Finding an item with that much utility on a budget won’t be easy. To help out, we put together a guide showing the best power rack under 500 dollars.

Ranking Factors for the Best Power Rack Under 500 $

Power Racks are made in all types of different ways. Some are full cages, some are half racks, and some mount to the wall and fold back. Depending on what you are trying to build, each one might be of more value to you. If you already know there are certain exercises you are never going to do, that will play a role in your decision making. The size of the power rack and how much space it takes up is going to be relevant for a home gym. The height of the roof may also play a factor. The type of power rack will also determine the price.  You are going to automatically eliminate some of the options because of the 500 dollar budget, but there are still some great options out there.

The Best Power Rack for Under 500 Dollars

The best power rack for under 500 dollars is going to be sturdy, safe, versatile, and relatively inexpensive. Being able to do whatever workout you want to do is very important for a home gym. As much as possible, you want the only difference between your home and a commercial gym to be the community aspect. Try as hard as you can not to limit your training.

Hulk Fit Power Cage

Budget Power Cage for Heavy Lifters

As previously stated, the best power cage for under 500 dollars needs to be a versatile product that allows you to do almost anything. This power rack / cage has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs which is more than almost anybody is ever going to lift at home. It comes with safety bars and a pull-up bar with multiple angles. This piece of equipment hovers around $400. 

The Hulk Fit is a full cage so it might not be a fit for every home gym. It is 85 inches tall so it might be too tall for some home gyms. This power rack is incredibly affordable. HulkFit takes the number one position because of weight capacity and sturdiness as the tie-breaker.

Weight Capacity
Overall Value

Power Cage

1,000 lb Weight Capacity

Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

Runner Up for Best Power Rack for Under 500 Dollars

You may not want a power cage that is as Bulky as Hulkfit. If you want a power rack that is a little bit smaller and isn’t quite as expensive, our next option might suit you.

Sunny Power Zone

Multi-Purpose Budget Power Rack

The Sunny Power Zone is the 2nd Best Power Rack for Under 500 Dollars. This is a full size cage, but it is not quite as sturdy as HulkFit. That isn’t anything to be concerned about however, they are both safe products. The weight capacity is 1,000 lbs and it comes with 18 height settings so you can adjust the height of your barbell quite a bit. 

The Power Zone also has 3 pins on each side that allow you to hook up resistance bands if you want to incorporate them into your workout. You can do a lot of different pull up grips with the bar that is included. That is great value because good pull up bars sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. At some point to truly have a comprehensive home gym, you would need to buy one of those anyway. The price point of this equipment tends to be around $340.

Weight Capacity
Overall Value

Power Rack

1,000 lb Weight Capacity

Resistance Band Pins

Best Power Rack Under 500

2nd Runner Up for Best Power Rack Under 500 Dollars

Our first two options are both power racks because although they take up the most space, they give you the best ability to simulate the gym experience while being at home. There an’t as many limits on what you can do with power racks. Our third option however is a free-standing rack for someone who doesn’t want a power rack or might be on a strict budget.

Power Squat Stand

Budget Multi-Function Squat Stand

The Fitness Reality Power Squat Stand is a free standing rack that allows you to do most of the same exercises as a regular power rack. The weight capacity is 800 lbs which is still way more than will ever be needed for the average person. Standing racks are not nearly as sturdy as full cages and they aren’t as safe to use. 

If you are an experienced weightlifter, this power squat stand will be just fine. People who have been lifting for a while know how to maneuver weights and balance enough to ensure good safety. For a beginner who is looking to set up a new home gym, this type of equipment can be hard to use and there is no way to set up safety rails. This is important since more than likely there are going to be times when you don’t have a spot at home. All of these things need to be considered when trying to build a home gym for under 500 dollars.

Weight Capacity
Overall Value

Power Stand

800 lb Weight Capacity

19 Height Adjustments

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