MuscleTech - Amino Build Next Gen Intra Workout Review

Amino Build Next Gen

Great Intra Workout for Strength Gains

Amino Build Next Gen is a BCAA intra workout that you take throughout the course of your workout. It has 8g of BCCA’s to help ease the breakdown of muscles and help rebuild them stronger. It contains Betaine and Tuarine both of which help with muscular endurance so you can get more reps and make it to the end of your training without feeling weak. This product is designed to help build lean muscle and increase your strength. It tastes above average and has some unique flavors you can try to change things up.

Muscle Building
Recovery & Soreness


Reduced Soreness

Muscle Growth


Amino Build Next Gen contains BCAA’s (8g), Leucine (4g), Betaine (2.5g), Glutamine (500mg), and Tuarine (500mg.) all of these ingredients are as good as you can get for restoring muscles and building them back up after training. These ingredients contribute to performance nicely. As you start to get toward the end of your workout, it will be noticeable that you are not as exhausted as you would be when not taking this supplement. That of course, is assuming you didn’t just switch over from another product with similar ingredients.


The top flavor for this product is Icy Rocket Freeze. You also have Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and White Raspberry to choose from. All of the flavors taste great just like most of the supplements made by MuscleTech. If you give Amino Build Next Gen a try and you are someone who needs your supplement to taste good for you to consistently take it, you will probably buy it multiple times. It really does taste pretty good.


The price of this product hovers around $21 for 30 servings. That is good value for a product that tastes good and delivers results. There a lot of intra workout BCAA supplements on the market that are selling for $40 or $50 that aren’t better than this one. Amino Build Next Gen has 30 servings in one pack but it does have directions for both 1 or 2 scoops. If you end up using two scoops that will cut the value in half. 


Amino Build Next Gen is a very good intra workout supplement. It has good ingredients to help with muscle growth, endurance and recovery, and it tastes good. A product that delivers on the performance front and has a good taste is always great and the $21 price point makes it even more valuable. The main thing to consider with this product is how often you use it. If you take 1 scoop during your workouts, one pack can last you for almost two months if you train 4 days a week. For optimal results, you typically take a BCAA on your off days also. If you take this on your off days and do two scoops, now it only lasts for 15 days. Just something to keep in mind since this will have a big impact on price.

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