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MP Combat 100% Whey

Bare Bones Protein for Old School Gains

MP Combat 100 Whey is a good supplement to take following a workout for muscle recovery. It only has 3g of carbs and 120 calories which is great for those who want the performance benefits without having to be too conscious of calorie count or diet. It is gluten-free and unlike a lot of protein powders out there, it is easy on your digestive system. Overall, this product is a little bit above average when it comes to results but the price is so good that it has a lot of value for someone on a budget. This is not the best protein powder on the market, but it is pretty good for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. MP Combat 100 Whey is only $45 for 70 servings, which beats outs most of the competing products on a per serving basis. You won’t regret giving this supplement a try.

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MP Combat 100 Whey does not contain any of the extra ingredients that s a lot of other protein powders have. It doesn’t have Creatine, BCAA’s or special ingredients for muscle building or energy. This is straight up 25g of protein with low carbs and low fat. The good thing about the lack of extra ingredients is other products with those ingredients only have a small amount. That means to get the full effect, you usually have to supplement it with additional stacks anyway. With MP Combat 100 Whey, you can check protein off the list and not have to deal with taking partial servings of your other stacks to keep from going over the recommended serving sizes.


You can get 6 different flavors with this protein including Cappucino, Chocolate Milk, Cookies & Cream, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Cookies & Cream and Vanilla taste really good and none of the flavors are bad. Chocolate and Vanilla are both good if you want to add a scoop of peanut butter into them for some added protein. You don’t have to worry about flavor or taste with this product, it meets the mark in this category.


This whey protein has a really nice price point at about $45 for 70 servings. That is a little over $1.50 per serving which is pretty good value for protein powder. There are a lot of protein products out there for around $3 per serving and that doesn’t include the mass gainers that can be as much as $5 or $6. With MP Combat 100 Whey you don’t get extra ingredients like creatine and BCAA’s included, but the supplements that include all those are about two times as expensive. You could just buy those supplements in addition to this one and still get everything you need.


MP Combat 100 Whey is just what it’s name says it is, 100% whey protein. No added stacks for muscular endurance, or mental focus, just straight protein. There is nothing wrong with that because the price point corresponds with what you are getting. It is gluten free and easy on the stomach, which is very good and provides great value to people who need a post workout protein supplement and have issues in that area. If you are old school and you just want to take protein without a whole bunch of other products mixed in, MP Combat 100 Whey is for you.

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