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Great Tasting Post Workout Muscle Builder

Jacked Factory makes some very quality and affordable supplements and Growth Surge is one of them. Usually you will see some sort of protein drink being used post workout, but this product is different. It is meant to help build muscle and reduce soreness and fatigue after workouts. It has some good ingredients including creatine, all of which are designed to increase strength while making it possible to train more frequently because of good recovery.

Growth Surge post workout has a good taste to it. It is a nice change-up from constantly having to choose between chocolate vanilla or the other usual protein flavors. The price is also another thing that makes that a really good post workout. You can make some noticeable gains with this supplement.

Muscle Building

Muscle Growth




Growth Surge post workout contains a mixture of muscle building and fat loss ingredients. You get Creatine Monohydrate (3g), Betaine (2.5g), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (2g), and Bioperine (5mg). 3g of Creatine will get you close to the 5g you should be taking daily. L-Carnitine will help you burn some fat as you are also building lean muscle. Overall, this is a good combination of ingredients that are found in a lot training supplements.

Muscle Building

You can make some big time gains with this post workout drink. The combination of creatine and betaine does a great job of increasing strength and endurance. If you really take a look at the ingredients, they aren’t all that different from some of the other options on the market. There are so many products out there that it is hard to find something that is really unique. This is why it is hard to explain why Growth Surge seems to produce the results that it does. 


Growth Surge tastes great and has 5 flavors to choose from. Out of the bunch, Swolesberry is the best option. It tastes great and has a fantastic name. You also have Black Cherry, Blueberry Lemonade, Watermelon, and Unflavored. After Swolesberry, Black Cherry is probably the next best option. The taste of this supplement is more than just good enough to get by, it’s truthfully a good tasting post workout.


When you buy post workouts, you can typically expect to pay between $30 – $70 depending on what you are getting. Some of the higher end proteins can get expensive, especially weight gainers. Growth Surge on the other hand is unique because it is not protein. This makes it a little bit harder to compare to different types of supplements. At the end of the day, the product works and it usually costs around $30 for 30 servings. That is hard to beat so overall the pricing should be considered more than reasonable.


This is the perfect post workout drink if you are tired of drinking protein or find yourself not being able to commit to it. That is not to say that this product is better or worse than protein because it really is a different kind of post workout. It only has 30 calories and not much protein, but it solves the problem of soreness and fatigue experienced after a hard workout. The price is really good and the taste is a good change-up from regular protein flavors. You will be able to drink this faster than some protein shakes which might make you more likely to actually use a post workout.

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