8 Best Supplements For Endurance During Strength Training

The Best Supplements for Endurance Have Beta Alanine, Creatine, & BCAA's

There are many reasons why endurance is important when working out in the gym. People do all kinds of different workouts, some are made up on the fly and some are part of a program. Either way, being able to complete the workout requires a certain level of endurance, especially if you are working as hard as you should be. If you are looking for a supplement to help you battle fatigue, you need the right ingredients. The best supplements for endurance when you are strength training are beta alanine, creatine, nitric oxide, and BCAA’s.

The most common rep range you will see in the gym are between 8-12 on a given workout. Ranges can be much less or way higher than that but 8-12 seems to be the default for beginners and there are even some veterans who swear by that rep range. This isn’t an extreme amount of repetitions but it is enough that if you are using an appropriate amount of weight, endurance becomes a factor in your ability to complete your sets. Taking a supplement to help you grind out those last few extra reps can help you make the gains you so strongly desire. If you are looking for a good supplement for endurance, we are here to help. Here is our list of the 8 best supplements for endurance during strength training.

#1 - Beyond Raw Lit

Beyond Raw really made a great product with Lit. This pre workout is probably one of the best tasting supplements ever made and it includes a lot of ingredients that you want for endurance and energy. It contains beta alanine and nitric oxide, both of which are great for when the going gets tough. The tingling sensation you normally feel from beta alanine is a little bit stronger in this pre workout than something like C4. In addition, it has 1.5g of creatine. If you really want to take it up a notch you can try Lit AF which is a stronger version.

The Best Tasting Pre Workout on the Market

The taste and the flavors you can get with this product is one of the main reasons why people give it a try. Once they buy it once they typically don’t go away from it unless they just want to change things up a bit. Some of the flavors taste a little but like sour patch kids such as gummy worm. You can also get Blue Raspberry, Icy Fireworks, Fruit Punch, or Orange Mango. It comes with 30 servings for $39.99. The price tag is heftier than some of the alternatives but that has a lot to do with the taste. Beginners and people who don’t have the ability to just chug a supplement need something that tastes great. Lit checks the box and that is just one of the reasons it is number one on our list of the best supplements for endurance during strength training.

6,751 Reviews - 4.6 / 5.0

#2 - C4 Ripped

Having the motivation to fight through a strenuous workout is not always easy. Some days you want to quit instead of pushing through those last 2 or 3 reps although you know that the truth is, those are the reps that make all the difference. C4 Ripped allows you to explode through those last couple reps so you can get the gains you deserve after putting in so much hard work.

C4 Ripped contains beta alanine which supports muscular endurance and fights off fatigue throughout your workout. The tingling sensation typically experienced when taking beta alanine is harmless, and you really don’t even feel it that much with this product anyway.

C4 is a Go-To Pre Workout for Energy and Endurance

Cellucor is the maker of this product and they always have some of the best tasting supplements on the market. C4 Ripped comes in Fruit Punch, Icy Blue Razz, Raspberry Lemonade, and Ultra Frost. The standard serving size is 30 and it is recommended that you take 1 scoop around 30 minutes before you start your training. You can pick up C4 Ripped for around $1 per serving which is pretty good for a top tier pre workout supplement that also supports energy and endurance. If you do decide to go with C4 Ripped, you will have a hard time going away from Cellucor products in the future. The combination of taste, performance, and value is just too convenient to pass up.

#3 - Amino Build Next Gen

MuscleTech is America's #1 Selling Supplement Company

If you are looking for a product from a company you have already heard of, Amino Build Next Gen would be a good option. MuscleTech is the number one selling supplement company in the United States and they have a lot of positive reviews baking their many products.

Best Supplement for Endurance

MuscleTech claims that this product boosts strength by up to 40% and increases the endurance of the athletes who use it tremendously. If you are an experienced athlete, 40% gains are unlikely but for a beginner it is very possible that this product can help them achieve that level of improvement. This intra-workout supplement works and you will see your endurance increase noticeably if you decide to use it.

Amino Build Next Gen only comes in Fruit Punch, White Raspberry, and Watermelon. It is common for intra-workout supplements to have less flavors than pre and post workouts but MuscleTech has three good options for this product. All of the flavors taste really good but Fruit Punch is the best of the bunch. You can get Amino Build Next Gen for around $.70 per serving which is very good for a supplement from a company as reputable as MuscleTech. This product doesn’t contain beta alanine or creatine so you can safely take it in addition to a pre workout that already contains those ingredients.

#4 - Amino Energy

If you have ever been to the gym and seen someone mixing an intra workout, there is a good chance it was amino energy. This is one of the most popular supplements for energy and exercise endurance on the market. Optimum Nutrition always puts out high quality products and this is no exception. One thing you always get with Optimum Nutrition is high quality ingredients so you don’t have to worry about what you are putting in your body.

Amino Energy has caffeine in it as well as beta alanine and a mental focus blend for helping you through your workout. The most used flavor is Concord Grape although you can also get Green Apple, Peach Lemonade, Pineapple, Lemon Lime, and Watermelon. This product comes with 65 servings for 37$. The difference between this supplement and other ones on the list that are more expensive is this is not designed as a pre workout. This is something you would take in addition to a pre workout around ¼ or half of the way through to finish strong.

The Best Supplement for Endurance That Isn't a Pre Workout

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using this product as a pre workout. After all, for many people taking a pre workout takes on more of a psychological effect after taking them for a while. There is a little bit of beta alanine in Amino Energy but not enough for you to feel any sort of tingling sensation. If you are looking for something to help you through your workout and improve recovery this is the supplement for you.

#5 - Evlution Nutrition BCAA5000

Created by Evlution Nutrition, BCAA5000 is a stimulant free intra-workout that helps with endurance during your workout and post workout recovery. This product doesn’t have any sugar or carbs and is also gluten free. Evlution Nutrition claims that this supplement preserves your muscles while they are under tension during heavy weight training. Once you have taken it, you can feel the increased stability your muscles have in situations where they normally start to feel weak. This is fantastic because it helps you get a few extra reps throughout your workout that you otherwise wouldn’t have even attempted.

This intra-workout doesn’t taste as good as what Cellucor or MuscleTech puts out but that is to be expected since they are the best. This product still tastes really good and has 5 different flavors including Blue Razz, Furious Grape, Mango, Cherry Limeade, and Lemon Lime. 30 servings will cost you around $20 which is a great value for a good endurance supplement. Evlution Nutrition BCAA5000 is #3 because of the value. It has far more reviews than the first two products probably for that exact reason. A good intra workout that gets the job done is hard to find for $20. Creatine is not one of the ingredients so if you normally take it with your pre workout or separately, you will be safe to continue doing so.

#6 - IntraSurge

IntraSurge is a supplement that improves energy, focus, muscle growth, and endurance. Within a few weeks to a month of taking this supplement, strength gains will be noticeable. You will definitely feel like there is extra gas in the tank at the end of your workout where you usually start to slack off and either quit or slide by. You can power through the entirety of your workout and still have enough energy for other exercises that you don’t feel like doing at the end like abs or calves. This is a really good intra workout and increases endurance without question.

The flavors you can get for this product are Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch. You get 20 servings and it costs around $25. That is a little bit higher than the price point of some other options but that is what happens when you are dealing with a product as good as IntraSurge. If you can spare the extra $5 to $7 bucks every couple weeks, this is the product to get. Most people don’t mind paying extra for things if they know they are getting results. You should at least give it a shot to see if you like it and then go from there. 

#7 - In-Kaged

One of Kaged Muscle’s most popular supplement is In-Kaged, an intra workout that contains beta alanine and BCAAs for muscular endurance and recovery. It also has a vasodilator that drives more blood and oxygen to your muscles for better pumps. The owner of Kaged Muscle is Kris Gethin, a well known professional bodybuilder who is highly respected in the training community. In-Kaged is an award winning supplement and it makes sense if you have ever tried it. 

Something to keep in mind is this product does contain caffeine and beta alanine so if you workout at night you can get the stimulant free version. As far as flavors, it comes in Cherry Lemonade or Watermelon. The packaging looks great and the performance benefits are everything you could ask for. For that reason, you are going to pay around $28 for 20 servings. In-Kaged is one of the most expensive products on this list but if you are in the market for a premium supplement that gets the job done, this is it.

#8 - Amino X

BSN put this product out for people looking for a great amino source and increased energy and stamina in the gym. It also aids with post workout recovery so you don’t have to take as much time off. When this product was created, the goal was for athletes to push through today’s workout and be able to go just as hard tomorrow. There is no beta alanine or caffeine so you can take this at night and still get good sleep.

This product has more flavors than any other supplement on this list. Blue Raspberry, Grape, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry Dragonfruit, Strawberry Orange, and Watermelon are all great options. You can buy Amino X in a pack of 30 or 70 servings. If you buy the 30 servings you can get it for around $23. Another positive aspect of this product is it mixes easily. You can shake it in a water bottle before working out and be just fine.


Getting through a tough workout is not easy, especially if you are making every rep count. Choosing a great supplement to give you a boost in endurance is a great idea. After many years of trying all kinds of different supplements, we feel confident in our list of the 8 best endurance supplements for endurance. Any of these options will help you although some are better than others. Depending on what you value more the order could be a little different.

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