PMD Sports – Pump Fuel Pre Workout Review

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PMD Sports – Pump Fuel Pre Workout Review

PMD Sports
Pump Fuel

Intense Pre Workout for Muscle Pumps

Pump Fuel pre workout lives up to its name by providing some awesome energy and amazing pumps during workouts. It is a

You can usually find this supplement for around $40 which is not too bad for a good tasting pre workout that gives you this much energy. It comes with 30 servings and the main flavor is Fruit Explosion.


Strong Pumps

Mental Focus

Enhanced Endurance

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Pump Fuel pre workout uses a lot of good ingredients and they have their own name for the some of the blends they have created with them. The Rapid ATP Blend is two different kinds of creatine each with 1.5g each for a total of 3g. The Nitro Pump Xtreme Blend has 6g of L-Citrulline Malate. There is also a Beta PH Blend which is Betaine Anhydrous and Beta Alanine mixed together. Finally, there is a blend that focuses on mental focus, and energy that has some good BCAA’s and caffeine mixed into it. Overall, this supplement has a good combination of a lot of the top ingredients used in pre workouts.


This is a good tasting pre workout and it has quite a few options when it comes to the flavors. Arctic Blue Blast, Cherry Bombsicle, Cherry Slush, Electric Pink Lemonade, Miami Sunrise, Tropical Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Slam, Wild Grape Gusher, and Island Punch are all great options with some unique names. Strawberry Slam and Cherry Bombsicle are two outstanding options and rank up there with some of the best tasting pre workout flavors you will find.


This is an expensive product. There is now way to get around the price point on this one. Yes, it provides amazing pumps and it tastes really good. It is still going to be hard for a lot of people to justify spending almost $70 for 30 servings. There are a lot of other options available that are between $20 and $40. Having said that, most of these cheaper options won’t be able to match Pump Fuel pre workout when it comes to pumps. This is going to be a supplement that you might get on a deal or might just decide to give it a try and if you like you will buy it again.


Pump Fuel pre workout is one of the best options among pre workouts for explosive pumps. You get some good energy and a great taste to go along also. The downside is you are going to pay close to $70 most of the time to get your hands on this product. If you can justify that price, you have yourself a really good pre workout.

Pump Fuel Pre Workout Stack

Nitric Oxide

Muscle Growth



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Muscle Gain

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Muscle Building


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