BlackMarket – Adrenolyn Pre Workout Review

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BlackMarket – Adrenolyn Pre Workout Review

BlackMarket – Adrenolyn

High Stimulant Pre Workout for Intensity

BlackMarket’s Adrenolyn pre workout is not for the faint of heart. This supplement is jam-packed with stimulants to get you jacked up for the gym. There is also a mental focus and pump blend to further elevate your performance. Having all these different ingredients in the same product is very convenient. Most of the ingredients that are in this pre workout are commonly found in other pre workouts but not usually all in the same one. The packaging is beautiful and the energy is off the chart. You get a nice burn from the beta alanine also. Adrenolyn packs a punch, but it also punches you in the wallet so keep that in mind.


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The main three ingredients in Adrenolyn are beta alanine (3,500mg), L-Taurine (1,000mg), Caffeine (300mg). You also get Citrulline (7,000mg) to help you get some sick muscle pumps while working out.  There are four different blends in this product for energy/focus, stimulation, pump, and absorption.  There is also some Vitamin B-12 and 35 calories in this supplement. Overall, the ingredients in Adrenolyn are just what you are looking for in a good pre workout and you get them all-in-one. If you want a pre workout that doesn’t have beta alanine, this might not be a good option for you.


The flavors you can get with the Adrenolyn pre workout are Grape Lime Rickey, Strawberry Lemonade, Candy Dust, and Passion Orange Guava P.O.G. The Strawberry Lemonade is the best and the Passion Orange is really good too. Four flavors is a little less than average for pre workout supplements but there are a few good options here. At least you get a unique name with the Grape Lime Rickey flavor.


Adrenolyn runs anywhere between $45 – $50 which is definitely on the high end for a pre workout supplement. This product does have all the ingredients you want packed into it and it has a good taste that it makes sense that it would cost more than the average pre workout. One pack comes with 25 servings so you are talking about spending somewhere around $2 per serving. 


Blackmarket’s Adrenolyn pre workout is definately something you should try just because of all the great ingredients and the excellent taste. The energy and focus you get with this pre workout is strong and if you have the budget for it you will love it. If you train 4 days a week, it will last you a month and a half for about $45 dollars. $30 per month is not bad at all if the gym is really important to you. This supplement is good for someone who is passionate about working out and wants to take the best ingredients for performance.

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