Titan Fitness Bumper Plates Review

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Titan Fitness Bumper Plates Review

Titan Fitness
Bumper Plates

High-Quality Affordable Bumper Plates

These bumper plates are great and will make a fantastic addition to your home gym. Titan Fitness makes standard black bumper plates if you don’t care about the colors. The economy colored 230 lb set typically sells for around $430 which is $40 – $50 cheaper than the black sets sold by competing companies. You can find some bumper plates out there for a little bit cheaper if you are on a tight budget, but Titan is about as good as you can get if you want a quality plate without breaking the bank.

They look beautiful and they hold up well when you need to drop them. The economy bumper plates do say they are not meant to drop but if you are doing deadlifts or something that requires you to set them down hard, you will be fine. The Elite bumper plates are higher quality and will perform better across the board than the economy set. This is true of any brand of bumper plates you buy. You always have budget and higher-end options with each company. 

They are pretty true to weight. In addition to how well these weights hold up during training, the titan helmet logo looks pretty awesome as well.

True to Weight
Overall Value

230 lb Set

Economy Bumper Plates

Currently Out of Stock

230 lb Set

Elite Bumper Plates

Currently Out of Stock

There has been unprecedented demand for bumper plates due to the coronavirus. Check out some of our alternative options for building your home gym for  under 500$


Bumper plates are one of the most expensive things you will buy when building out a home gym. You could spend thousands of dollars if you buy the highest quality plates. If you are on a budget, you won’t be able to afford the high-end competition-style plates which means durability will more of a factor in your purchasing decision. Although Titan Fitness is considered a budget option, their weights are very durable. The economy bumper plates are not meant to be dropped, but if something happens and you need to dump weight or drop them here and there they hold up. You won’t have to be as wary with the elite bumper plates, they can take whatever punishment you throw at them. All Titan Fitness bumper plates are durable, but of course the higher end weights can take more of a beating.

True to Weight

Something you run into when buying weight plates is inconsistency in the true weight. You might buy a pair of 45 lb plates and one of them weighs 47lbs and the other weighs 44 lbs. The cheaper brand you buy, the more likely you are to have this problem. Almost all weights vary a little bit, but you want it to be within a pound if at all possible. In the 230 lb set of economy bumper plates, all of the weights were within 1 lb of what they were supposed to be when checked. The Elite Bumper Plates were pretty much spot on. As expected, the Elite plates were truer than the economy, but both were easily close enough for this not to be an issue.

Titan Fitness Bumper Plates


The durometer score for Titan’s economy bumper plates are in the medium to soft range. What this means is there will be more bounce when they are dropped. If you drop these weights you will notice that when they bounce there is later movement. The weights can jump sideways which could be a problem if you need them to land with precision. If you drop them on a box and they jump sideways they could fall off. The economy bumper plates are not meant to be dropped a lot anyway so that kind of takes away the issue of much bouncing. The Elite bumper plates are a little harder and don’t bounce as much. They aren’t too hard however so they can maintain a high level of durability.


If you want to buy weight plates for a home gym, Titan Fitness is one of the first companies you should consider. If you have to buy a bench, barbell, or any other equipment, you aren’t going to want to go crazy spending a bunch of money on weights. At the same time, you probably want bumper plates because they are quiet which is important if you are working out at home. Titan Fitness bumper plates are good quality and they cost less than most of their competitors. These plates probably offer more overall value than any other bumper plate.


Titan Fitness is a great brand that offers a lot of good deals for training equipment. You can get some really good bumper plates for much less than what you will find with other companies and they are durable and true to weight. There is a lot of value here and if you want to you can always buy their Elite Bumper Plates which are more than good enough to use in a home gym setting. 

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