Brute Force Sandbags Review

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Brute Force Sandbags Review

Brute Force Sandbags

Extremely Versatile Training Equipment

Brute Force Sandbags are a great tool for functional training and they are extremely versatile. You can perform almost any exercise with them which makes them one of the best tools for training if you don’t want to buy a lot of equipment. Use these bags to perform squats, presses, rows, throws, or slams. Run with them on your back or shoulders for the ultimate high-intensity workout. Sandbags are good for total body workouts and they are really good for working your core. You can adjust the weight of the sandbag and there are two options for heavier or lighter sandbags. Overall, Brute Fore Sandbags are one of the best options our their for getting a good workout.

Weight Range
Overall Value

25 lbs – 75 lbs

Buy on Amazon for $149.95

50 lbs – 125 lbs

Buy on Amazon for $179.95


One of the best things about this training tool is durability. Brute Force Sandbags are made of 1000D Cordura which is a heavy-duty material that doesn’t tear or scuff easily. This is important because you don’t want your bag getting torn and making it easy for the filler bags to fall out while you are performing your exercises. You have the larger bag which is the outside shell and then the filler bags that actually hold the sand. Both materials are made of 1000 Cordura. The zipper that holds in the filler bags is very strong and when fully zipped there is any area where you can put the zipper so it doesn’t bother you while training.

Filling the Bags With Things Other Than Sand

You can fill these sandbags with things other than sand such as rice, pea gravel, or rubber mulch. Brute Force even names these options on their website for alternatives to sand if you want to use them. It is recommended however that you use sand. The other options are rougher on your body when you put the sandbag on your shoulder or arms when doing something like a front squat. Sand molds better to your body so the weight is distributed better. You want the weight to be the main factor affecting your performance and not objects inside the bag that are poking are scratching you.

Brute Force Sandbag Review

Weight Range

Brute Force Sandbags have three weight options. The mini sandbag has a weight range of 0 lbs – 25 lbs and comes with one 30 lb filler bag. Our recommended option, the athlete bag has a range of 25 lb – 75 lb range and comes with one 30 lb and one 50 lb filler bag. The heaviest bag is the strongman which has a weight range of 50 lb – 125 lbs which comes with three 50 lb filler bags. For people who are used to lifting 300 – 400 lb, this may seem light. Keep in mind that this style of training is of higher intensity and more functional than bodybuilding workouts. The athlete bags are more than enough to destroy you if you train hard with them.


The sandbag is one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment you could ever buy. You can use them to do back squats, front squats, cleans, presses, deadlifts. You can throw them over your shoulder or put them on your back and run with them. Having enough space is not an issue with this piece of equipment. If you are going on vacation you won’t have to miss a workout or go to another gym. Just throw your Brute Force Sandbag in the car with you and take it with you wherever you go. 


When you are considering the cost of Brute Force Sandbags, you have to think about the value in relation to the alternatives. Any other equipment that would allow you to do all the exercises that sandbags do would cost you 5 or 6 times as much. In order to do squats, presses, or deadlifts, you would need a barbell and they can cost upwards of $100 to $200 alone. You would then need weight plates to go with it which are pretty expensive, especially now with demand being higher for gym equipment. The value of sandbags right now are off the charts because they are an under the radar option and a lot of other options are sold out or very high in price. Brute Force Sandbags are the number one option right now for building a home gym on a budget.


Brute Force Sandbags are one of the best options for training equipment on the market right now. A lot of people are spending boat loads of money on barbells, treadmills, stationary bikes, and other things, but you can get just as good of a workout with these sandbags. You won’t build as much size and strength with them as you can with a barbell and bodybuilding style training, but for fat loss or high-intensity training, sandbags are very strong. For less than $200 you can have an amazing tool to train full-body and develop your core. Everybody needs to have one of these sandbags even if they other equipment already.

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