The Best Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises for Women

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The Best Resistance Band Shoulder
Exercises for Women

Benefits From Doing Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Mobility

If you have been working out your shoulders using barbells or dumbbells for a long, your muscles might be tighter than they should be. Dumbbells and barbells are great for strength, but sometimes you don’t get the full range of motion that you can get with bands. The great thing about resistance band shoulder exercises is you do get that full range of motion which helps with flexibility. In fact, implementing resistance band shoulder exercises into your normal weightlifting routine can be a great way to ensure that mobility is never issue. This can actually help you perform better reps when you are using the more traditional equipment.

Shoulder Strength

You won’t be able to lift a lot of weight when using a resistance band, but lifting heavy weight plates is not the only way to get stronger. Time under tension is important for making strength gains and bands have constant tension throughout the set. Stretching lengthens your muscles which allows you to be more effective when lifting heavier weight. Your strength also increases from resistance bands because they build your muscular endurance. Increased endurance results in increased performance.

Shoulder Rehabilitation

If you have suffered from an injury involving your shoulder, physical therapy may be required to get back to full strength. In the early stages of therapy, resistance band shoulder exercises will be employed until you can do some heavier lifting.  Resistance bands are also great for recovery after a workout. Stretching with the resistance bands helps fresh blood circulate through your muscles.

Using Different Angles When Doing Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

One of the advantages of using resistance bands is the fact that you can work your muscles at whatever angle you want to. This is great for developing weak areas of your body. It is common for you to connect one end of the resistance band to an object as you push or pull the other end. You can simply adjust how high or low the other end is connected to change the angle. For instance, if you were using a resistance band near a squat rack, you could use one of the support poles to hold the other end of the band. To change the angle of the band you would just slide the other end up and down.

Resistance Band Shoulder

Exercise #1

Pull Aparts

To do this exercise, grab both of ends of the resistance band with your arms directly in front of you. Make sure your arms are about shoulder-width apart. Grip the resistance band so that the tension allows you to extend your arms all the way out on each side. You want there to be enough resistance to make the exercise tough, but you also need to be able to fully extend your arms.


Exercise #2

Single-Arm Incline Press

To perform the incline press you will need to wrap or connect one end of the resistance band to an object at an angle a little bit higher than your waist. If you want to you can adjust the angle according to what part of the shoulder you want to train. The higher the other end of the band is the more you will be working your chest. Make sure the resistance enough that you can fully extend your arm. You can turn this into two-arm incline press by wrapping the band around something and making the resistance even for both hands.

Exercise #3

Side Lateral Raise

Standing on the middle of the band, grab each end of the band with one hand, gripping it around the height of your knees. Using only your shoulders, raise your arms up and outward to perform a rep. If you have too much resistance on the band you won’t be able to fully extend your arms and you won’t be able to do a good rep. Squeeze your shoulders at the top of the rep to get the full benefit of this exercise.

Side Lateral Raise

Exercise #4

Single-Arm Inverted Delt Raise

Standing on one end of the band, grip the other end with one hand around waist high. WIth your palm facing up, raise your arm without bending your arm. The key to doing this exercise correctly is trying as hard as you can to bend your elbow as little as possible. As you raise your arm higher the resistance will increase and you may have a slight bend. This is a great exercise for the anterior portion of your front delt.

Front Delt Raise

Exercise #5

Inverted Shoulder Press

Standing on the middle of the resistance band, grab it with equal resistance around waist high. With your palms facing you and a slight elbow bend, press upward and out at the same time. You can work different angles of your shoulder based on how far you push out. If you want to turn your palms out and press straight up you can also work the posterior section of your shoulders.

Reverse Shoulder Press

Exercise #6

Shoulder Stretch

This exercise is great for stretching the front delt. If you do a lot of presses, this can help with flexibility. Simply grab both ends of the band and hold it behind your back. Increase the resistance with both hands while the band is behind your back. You will begin to feel your chest stretching on the side with the low hand. The delt will feel a stretch on the side with the high hand.

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