The Ultimate 15-Minute Kettlebell Home Gym Workout

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The Ultimate 15 Minute
Kettlebell Home Gym Workout

Why Kettlebells are Great for a Home Gym Workout

When deciding what type of equipment you want to have in your home gym, versatility is one of the number one factors to consider. Since you don’t have as much space at home as you do at the gym, you need something compact that will still make you work. You can do a lot of different movements with a kettlebell including isolation, full-body, and core exercises. You won’t ever have to worry about getting bored with the same workouts.

Kettlebells can be used by everyone regardless of their fitness goals. Gaining muscle, increasing your explosiveness, and losing weight, are all possible with this great tool. The entire family can benefit from having a kettlebell, which is just one more reason why it is a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym.

How to Train With a Kettlebell

When doing a kettlebell workout, you can either count reps or train for time. Which one is better will be based on how much your kettlebell weights and what your goals are. Counting reps will be a lower intensity workout. If you are trying to gain size or you simply don’t want to lose weight, this may be a better option for you. If you want to lose weight or work out with higher intensity, training for time is better. Whichever you choose to do is fine, just make sure you are doing the reps correctly so you can get the best results.

Ultimate 15-Minute Kettlebell Home Gym Workout

Exercise #1

Single Arm Squat & Press

10 Reps or 20 Seconds Each Arm

3 Sets – 20 Seconds Rest Between

Start by holding the kettlebell with the hand of your choice in the press position. To do a repetition, hold the kettlebell in that same position while performing a squat. When you come back up from the squat, do an upward press with the kettlebell. This combination of a squat with a shoulder press equals one Squat & Press repetition. Do 10 reps or go for 20 seconds before switching sides.  Once you have completed 10 reps with each hand, rest for 20 seconds.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Exercise #2

Goblet Squat

15 Reps or 30 Seconds Each Arm

3 Sets – 30 Seconds Rest Between

To do this movement, hold the kettlebell with both hands at the center of your chest. Squat until your sitting at a 90 degree angle and come back up. Try to make sure that your chest is up and you aren’t leaning over during this exercise. For added intensity, you can jump when you come back up after each squat. Do 15 reps or perform this movement for 30 seconds. The rest period is 30 seconds.

Exercise #3

Bent Over Row

10 Reps or 20 Seconds Each Arm

3 Sets – 20 Seconds Rest Between

Start by holding the handle of the kettlebell as it rests on the ground. Keeping your back bent a little more than 45 degrees, pull the kettlebell up keeping your elbow tight to your side. Use your lats and shoulders as much as possible instead of your arms. Squeeze your lats at the top of the rep and let the kettlebell back down. After you have done 10 reps or 20 seconds of work with the first arm, switch to the other side. After you the set is complete, take a 20-second break.

Exercise #4


10 Reps or 20 Seconds Each Arm

3 Sets – 20 Seconds Rest Between

Get in the pushup position with one hand on the kettlebell and the other on the ground. If you have two kettlebells you can do it with both kettlebells in both hands. From the up position, go down until your chest is almost to the floor. Depending on the size of your kettlebell you may not be able to touch the floor with your chest. Once you have performed 10 reps or 20 seconds of pushups, switch the kettlebell over to the other hand. Take a 20 second break following the set.

Kettlebell Pushups

Exercise #5


10 Reps or 20 Seconds Each Arm

3 Sets – 20 Seconds Rest Between

Let the kettlebell hand down by your side with one hand. Without using your side for leverage, perform a curl using only your biceps to lift the kettlebell. At the top of the rep squeeze the muscle. Do this movement 10 times or for 20 seconds with each arm. After you are done with all 3 sets, your workout is complete!

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